Izzati & Harry's White Wedding

/ Wednesday, September 3, 2014 /

I'm just gonna share a few pictures from my weekend of Maid of Honor-ing for my bestfriend's wedding.

It was a white one and boyyyy was it hectic. But it was all worth it since it turns out beautiful! And she looked radiant! Congratulations to both the bride & groom.

Here's to a new great life together as a newlywed couple. Love you! :)

Flower hunting *favourite part*

All the bridesmaids did our henna before the big day.

Surprise bachelorette hi-tea for the bride-to-be

Going places

/ Saturday, July 12, 2014 /

During my final year of my studies in the UK, I travelled  to a few places around Europe, and I only managed to write about some of them for now. But one thing for sure, Italy was my FAVOURITE!

Since this month marks 1 year since our trip, here's a tribute post for it :)

So here I share the video that I managed to compile. Hope you enjoy this. 

Uh, if you want to see the full post on :

Rome : Click here
Cinque Terre : Click here

Freelance Interior Design Work // OFFICE

/ Thursday, March 20, 2014 /
A few months ago, my friends & I got the opportunity to design an office space in Cyberjaya. Here are some of the design for the office. The company used us only for our consultation service.

 *** DISCLAIMER: 3D is not done by me, it's my partners' but I was in-charged of the design of the office.

Some instagram lovin'

/ Wednesday, April 10, 2013 /
I'm an instagram junkie! Find me on instagram : amiraafarhana 

Here's some of my pictures from instagram, have a great day :)

Freelance Interior Design Work // RESIDENTIAL

/ /
During the summer break last year, I got a chance to do some freelance work of designing interior for a bungalow in Shah Alam, Malaysia. I came up with two concept options for my client to choose from.

This is of course the before picture of the bedroom and the joining living and dining room.

And these are the options I gave them. They chose to go with a contemporary concept for both their Living Room and Dining Room. (for privacy purposes, I can't show the finished interior)

OPTION 1 (Dining Room)

OPTION 2 (Dining Room)

OPTION 1 (Living Room)

OPTION 2 (Living Room)

The Daughter's Room

I had fun all through designing the house for them and also furniture hunting with them.

Project Pitch

/ /
For our final project, we all have to pitch an event of our choice. I chose to do Kate Spade's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection fashion show and the marketing campaign and goodie bags and the event budget, the whole S/S Collection -- the whole shenanigans! It's a make believe event, but you have to treat them as though it's a real event and they DO feel like a real event since you have to pitch them to the assessor. So this is a few of essence of the event.

For the marketing campaign, I pitched an idea for Kate Spade to publish their own fashion magazine because since they already have a blog dedicated to fashion, the only thing appropriate to do here is to publish their own magazine! Here's my design for the magazine (of course I had inspirations from other magazine!) but I came up with the cover girl, colour palette, font choices and few other input. The magazine is called Saturday because the new, fresh, youthful Kate Spade Collection is called Saturday and also, Saturday is like everyone's favourite day of the week. I mean, WHO DON'T LOVEEE saturdays?

The yellow pocket guide is for the fashion show goodie bag. It has brief information about Kate Spade's Collection and also handy guides around the event venue and it's a fun pop up map! I had fun designing the whole event.

I'm a beginner in Sketch Up and come up with the fashion show design. 

Installation and Intervention in the Public Realm

/ /
For this module, we are have to create an experience in public places. We are assigned Fort Amherst in Chatham as our venue. At the first meeting of this module, the whole class has agreed on one theme that is “Secret”. Because the theme itself is so vast and general, we decided to narrow a few area down to get a clear picture of what everyone needs to do. 

Basically, each one of us need to pick a topic within the theme for our installation. The area that I was interested in and did so much research on was secret place. To me, secret place can mean so many things. It can mean a physical space where you can hide or go to. It can also be strictly platonic like a secret place in your mind where your thoughts and intentions are safely stored and the only one who get to access it is you. Ultimately, it is a place where you put everything that you are ashamed of, your darkest memories, your dark intentions, your deepest, darkest secrets.

This installation is titled "The One That Got Away". It is a replication of an evidence room that holds together all the possessions of crimes that has never been found. These evidence were used in crimes but since they were never found, the criminals got away with it. This place exist because of our conscience. People tend to go to the secret place when specific situations happened or occurred to their lives for them to recollect their thoughts. It is a safe place where anonymity at its best with no one is judging, where truth is mutable, and the only place where your voice is heard.

My installation was placed at the barrel storage cellar because I really think it could give the atmosphere that I was going for. The space has a cave-like quality that goes so well with the idea of having a secret place that no one knows about. I filled the space by installing structures to create  a box that holds all the secrets together. This project involves the installation of five square timber frames, each side measuring two meter. Inside each frame, three evidence bags of different dimensions and secret possessions are held in position by strings tied to the top part of the frames. The evidence bag contained tools belonging to a crime scene and every timber frames is unique as it portrays different crime story.

In addition to the sensation of discovering and experiencing this space, still based on the true stories, I put together an audio of interviews I did of people confessing to their dirty deepest secrets that they have been keeping for years on tape and played it during the installation takes place. The idea was to lead the viewer through the space by the eerie music on the audio to give them a sense of suspense. Finally, I emphasized the space with a spotlight with red filters mounted to it to give off a warm fiery feel projected from the front of the square structures.


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